Dear Bootlovers,

In the past few weeks we've been making immense progress with our Web site. It shouldn't be too long before we have our first issue on line and ready for you to enjoy. As a little sneak preview, here's what's in store for our first issue!



Meet Exotica


She's a stripper from British Columbia with a definite "thing" for her boots!
We photographed and interviewed her a while back after meeting her at
an exotic dance club in Vancouver. Her story is fascinating and her
photos will have you glued to your computer!


Issue 1 - Mistress Irene Boss

Mistress Irene Boss_________________________________________
You'd be surprised how many professional mistresses are boot fetishists!
Our first pro dom profile will be Irene Boss from Pittsburgh. Do you like
seeing a kinky lady with high, shiny boots on her legs, sleek black boots
up her arms and gorgeous, colorful boots all around her? Wait until you
see our photo set with this bizarre dominatrix!
Issue 1 - Boot of the Month

Boot of the Month___________________________________________
In every issue of Bootlovers.Com we will feature a unique pair of exquisite
boots. They may be knee high or go all the way up to the crotch. They
could be old or new. They might lace, zip or buckle up. We'll show you
these wild and kinky boots, one at a time, up close and personal. We'll
tell you why, where and when they were made, who owns them and what
kind of fetishistic feelings they inspire in the person who wears them.

Retired professional dominatrix, Diana Balance, will be first to show off a
pair of her favorite boots. They're butter soft, hip high and about as wicked
and sexy as a pair of boots can get!

  Issue 1 - Men in Boots
Men in Boots_________________________________________________
Face it, guys! Most of you, at one time or another, have tried on a pair of
kinky, high-heeled boots, or at least thought about it. Right? Men who
want to wear beautiful, thigh-length lace-ups with staggering spike heels
are far more common than you might think. And no, this doesn't
automatically mean you're a transvestite! Our on-line editor is one such
boot-loving bloke with his own gigantic collection of kinky leg wear. He's
interviewed several men, like himself, who regularly, and passionately,
wear feminine-style boots. This feature article is guaranteed to make
you gents feel a whole lot better about yourself and your fetish!
  Issue 1 - The Boot Tease
"The Boot Tease"___________________________________________
This fictional story, written by R.T. of California, is what every boot
fetishist dreams of! Wait 'til you read it!
  Issue 1 - Close-up Gallery
Close-up Gallery___________________________________________
Are you a little boot shy? Want to show off your favorite thigh-highs
without a full, head-to-toe photo of yourself? Our "Close-up Gallery" is
the perfect place to share your brand new, two-tone, crotch-high ballet
boots with people who will appreciate them as much as you. In our first
issue we'll tell you how to send in your favorite photo and show you lots
of close-up pictures from other boot lovers!
  Issue 1 - Boot Suits
"History of the Boot Suit"______________________________
Bootlovers.Com is proud to present the feature you've all been waiting
for! We'll even include photos and contact information for a new and
reliable source for this ultimate fetish garment!
  Issue 1 - Love Letters
Love Letters________________________________________________
Thanks to correspondence that still comes in for our soon-to-be-re-
released magazine, Boot Lover's Digest (BLD), we'll be publishing
"Love Letters" on line beginning with our very first issue!

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Issue 1 - Confessions of a Fetishist
Confessions of a Fetishist_______________________________
He's a down-and-dirty boot freak, a pure fetishist, and he's agreed to
relate all of his bizarre and highly sexual encounters with us, month
after month, here on Bootlovers.Com!
  Issue 1 - Bootcam

Much more from our resident Web Mistress, Boot Lady Teri, including
her regular editorial, a chat system and message board that Teri will
actively watch over and an under-her-desk Web cam we're calling our
Peek-A-Boot Theater. You'll get to glimpse Teri's booted legs as she's
on line!

All this will be in our premiere issue of Bootlovers.Com!