Skin Two's Rubber Ball


Skin Two's Rubber Ball 2005

It's that time again! Each autumn DJ goes to England to take part in the Skin Two magazine fetish weekend, culminated by the now famous Skin Two Rubber Ball in London. Of course he always brings back a load of great boot pics! It's the biggest, boldest and most bizarre fetish event in the world! DJ loaded up his cameras and braved the crowd of kinky people to seek out the best boots that the Rubber Ball had to offer on an autumn night! Come along with him and see for yourself what the well-dressed bootlovers are wearing!


The Art of Mormax

Bootlovers.Com readers may recall that we highlighted this imaginative and very fetishistic artist back in issue #43. His pen has a penchant for one very specific-looking fantasy femme fatale, always wearing the sexiest hip-high ballet boots and long luscious gloves that rise in wing-like sweeps up past her soft, white shoulders. Our readers were ecstatic over his last feature on our site! Mormax is a regular visitor in Teri's chatroom and at her request, busied himself with an entirely new set of fetish illustrations to share with all of you!

The  Art of Mormax

Skin Two's Rubber Ball After Party!


The Rubber Ball Cocktail Party

Thanks to DJ's bold manner and trusty camera, we've brought you a fetishist's-eye view of the gorgeous boot women who attended this year's V.I.P. after party! What a way to wind down after a boot filled week-end!