San Francisco's Fetish Ball 2005! HUGE 100+ image gallery!


The San Francisco Fetish Ball 2005

Sponsored by Mr. S & Madam S, arguably the biggest, most successful leather-and-bondage business in the world, this year's Bay Area kink fest was not only a fetish spectacular, it was also a smˆrgÂsbord for bootlovers! Trannies in boots? Yes, indeed! Gay musclemen in boots? Yup, they were there too! Lipstick lesbians groping one another in spike-heeled thigh-highs? You can bet your boots on it! Devastatingly beautiful dominas in everything from ankle booties to crotch-highs? Dozens of them! Mr. & Mrs. Bootlover in from the suburbs for a kinky night away from the kids? They were everywhere and DJ got photos of most of them for this huge special-event gallery! Don't miss it!


Luis Avila: The Leather Specialist

During the 1950s and '60s, people who wore leather fetish gear had very few shopping options. Fetish boutiques simply did not exist! The only alternative was to order kinky clothes and exotic footwear from a few specialist tailors and cobblers around North America and Europe. They would advertise discreetly with P/O box addresses in underground fetish magazines. One of these specialists, a man who could make literally anything out of leather, was Luis Avila from Guadalajara, Mexico. This is his story... *video*

Luis Acila - Custom boots and gloves


The Complete History of Ballet Boots

What are the most unusual and extreme boots in the world? Why, that's easy! Ballet boots, of course! And to prove it, our very own Bootlovers.Com publisher has dug into his archives yet again to come up with a fetish-photo-illustrated chronology of these bizarre boots that you simply won't want to miss!