Sydney Rubber Ball


Sydney's Rubber Ball 2005

Ever wonder what Australian fetishists wear to a kinky party in the Southern hemisphere? Some interesting boots, perhaps? Well, recently DJ accompanied Tim Woodward, publisher of Skin Two magazine, for a trip "down under" and the first Skin Two Rubber Ball in Sydney! What he brought back was a huge gallery of photos you're all going to enjoy!


D.J.'s New Pair

Attention, gentlemen! Are you one of those bootlovers who adores sleek, sexy, tall boots on a lady, but you're not willing to reciprocate by wearing boots for her? Have you ever considered that women who love boots might want to see you in a nice pair? Well, in this issue of Bootlovers.Com DJ has just the thing for you! On his last trip to Paris he ordered a pair of cavalier boots at Ernest, the amazing boot shop we highlighted in issue #41. The boots just arrived and when DJ showed them to Teri she insisted they be our next Boot of the Month! *video*
Ernest Boots

Mistress Domino - Where is she now? in this issue's Ask D.J.


Want to know the best kind of leather to use for the made-to-measure thigh-highs you're considering to order? Need a quick fix for a stuck zipper on your favorite knee boots? Searching for a duplicate stiletto heel for one that broke? Find an old pair of kinky boots on eBay and you want to know who made them, and when? No problem! Just ask DJ!


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