Would you believe us if we told you we had photos and video clips for you of a gorgeous dominatrix dressed in a sinfully tight corset, long kid gloves and thigh-high ballet boots sitting at her piano playing Chopin? Would you believe us if we told you we have video of this same dominatrix taking her submissive girl for a walk in her back garden in six-inch, stiletto-heeled boots? Would you believe us if we told you we have photos and video of a dungeon boot session like you've never seen before? Well, you better believe it, because we have a very special Bootlovers.Com profile of Los Angeles-based, lifestyle dominatrix, Mistress Selina Minx, and her boot-loving submissive, Rana!

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Boot Patrol with Michael Davino

You never see him, and you don't hear us talk about him much, but DJ and Teri have a secret weapon behind the scenes at Bootlovers.Com. His name is Mike Davino and he is our local, Southern California fetish paparazzo. When DJ can't make it to a kinky party in L.A., San Diego or Las Vegas, good ol' Mike is ready to go on boot patrol in his stead. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it!

For this issue of Bootlovers.Com we thought it would be great to introduce you to our clandestine lensman and present you with a compilation gallery of his photos. Considering that they're all shots of beautiful women in wickedly sexy boots, we figured you wouldn't mind!


No, we haven't forgotten! Issues ago, DJ brought you a report about the founder of fetish footwear fabricator, The Highest Heel. The thing is that report was about the West Coast office of The Highest Heel, located in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. During yet another issue DJ met up with The Highest Heel representatives at the Las Vegas WSA show and gave you a sneak peek of their newest fetish boots. Not repeating ourselves in any way, shape or form, this month DJ takes you all the way across the country, to Florida, for a visit at The Highest Heel's sales showroom, including a peek at some of their latest styles! *Video*

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Once again DJ has dug into his seemingly endless photo archives for a profile you won't want to miss! Johnna is a Gothic beauty from San Diego. Though the photo gallery isn't huge, the personal story of Johnna and her late-night exploits while wearing what she refers to as her "best boots" is too good to pass up!


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