Strut Fetish Footwear Shop - Florida


In every issue of Bootlovers.Com Teri and DJ bring you a bootmaker's feature highlighting the companies around the world that create the beautiful boots we all love so much. Unfortunately, only a few of these bootmakers sell their fabulous footwear direct to the public. The bigger, mass-production bootmakers market their sexy footwear only to shops that specialize in exotic, high-heeled shoes and boots. One such fantasy-footwear emporium is Strut, which is part of Fetish Factory in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Recently DJ stopped in at Strut and persuaded Rebecca, one of Strut's lovely, long-legged staff members to show him around. If you'd like the tour also, all you have to do is subscribe! *video*


Left Behind

Somebody in Germany is missing some one-of-a-kind boots! This incredible pair of custom-made, blue-and-white patent leather crotch-highs feature double zips, padlocked bondage straps, super tall, stacked platforms and towering heels! Sound familiar?

In this issue's Boot-of-the-Month feature we're searching for the bootlover who ordered these very special crotch-highs. They were made at The Little Shoe Box in London for Fashion Unlimited in Essen; however, a mix-up caused them not to be shipped! We have them now and we'd like to meet the imaginative fellow who thought them up! Teri has shot a whole photo gallery and some video segments with them just to coax their creator to e-mail her and tell her the story behind them! *video*


Atomage back lacing knee-high boots



The Atomage Pair

In previous online issues of Bootlovers.Com you've heard DJ mention the venerable name Atomage quite a lot. John Sutcliffe and his leather couture, Atomage, were trailblazers of the international fetish scene beginning in the 1960s. Sutcliffe's unusual and sexually charged designs brought leather and bootlovers crowding to his door in London. He had made hundreds of pairs of beautiful, bizarre, made-to-measure boots for his fetish clients with the help of master English cobblers, Anello & David, and Cyprianna Shoes. From kinky little ankle booties to complete, all-in-one bootsuits, Atomage was THE source for '60s, '70s and '80s fetish boots.

In this small but classic, black-and-white photo gallery, DJ shares rare, close-up photos of the one pair of Atomage boots John Sutcliffe designed and made for his own purposes, not for a client. Were they for promotional purposes? Were they for wife or girlfriend? Were they for him? There's only one way to find out. Subscribe to Bootlovers.Com issue 39 and read all about them!


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