Atomage Bootsuit


Emma's Boot Suit

There's a story behind this amazing, skin-tight, black-patent-vinyl, one-piece boot suit that you absolutely mustn't miss! John Sutcliffe, of Atomage fame, made it for Emma, the blond model you see here, back in the late '60s. This all-in-one suit was one of the tightest, sleekest and sexiest fetish outfits John and his staff ever created. Of course, what happened after he handed it over to the client is something you'll just have to read about by subscribing to this month's issue!


The Last Pair

For this issue's Boot-of-the-Month feature we've succumbed to the demands of our readers! In last month's Bootlovers.Com issue we presented a feature about professional dominatrix, Mistress Aradia. In it, she wore a beautiful pair of brown-leather, pull-on thigh boots over tight-fitting blue jeans as a fashion departure from her all-black boot collection. Aside from the higher, sexier fetish boots and kinky rubber outfits she wore during this shoot, you all e-mailed us wanting to see more of the brown boots and blue jeans! There was a near riot in Teri's e-mail! "Show us more of the jeans and street boots, Teri!"

Well, we were all set to publish an entirely different Boot-of-the-Month feature, but that will be saved for next time. With only a day to spare before his trip to England, DJ shot a brand-new photo gallery and video clips highlighting these same designer boots, which he found a few months ago in a shoe shop on Sunset Blvd. We're all very lucky he spotted them and bought them when he did, because they were the last pair in the shop! *video*

Boot of the Month - Marni Thigh Highs


Di Fabrizio


Bottega Di Fabrizio: Boot Maker to The Stars!

When you enter his quaint little shop front on Fairfax Blvd. in West Hollywood, the first thing you see is a wall of show boxes with famous names printed on the fronts. Names like Elizabeth Taylor, Kirk Douglas, Raquel Welch, Sylvester Stallone, Lucille Ball, Mel Gibson, Sharon Stone, Frank Sinatra and Elton John. These boxes contain wooden lasts, copying the feet of each celebrity, from which Pasquale Di Fabrizio has made his magic for over forty years! This humble Italian cobbler created the famous monster boots for Gene Simmons of Kiss! He also made 34 identical pairs of high-heeled, black-leather, front-lace knee boots for Michelle Pfeiffer and her various stunt doubles when she portrayed the original big-screen cat woman! Need we say more? Don't miss this chance to meet the man who has made some of the most famous boots in the entertainment industry in our next issue of Bootlovers.Com! *video*


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