Mistress Victoria in head-to-toe leather!


Victoria in Leather

Almost a dozen years ago our roving editor and publisher, DJ, met up with Atlanta professional dominatrix Mistress Victoria in San Diego, California. San Diego you ask? Victoria is from the deep south and DJ is from the arid desert? Well, the answer is simple. Mistress Victoria was traveling to San Diego to visit a friend, but she was bringing her favorite black leather outfit, including leather skirt and bustier, long leather gloves, saucy leather cap, long leather trenchcoat and sensational thigh high leather spike heeled boots. Do you think anything could keep DJ and his camera away from that! Don't miss the results in this classic Bootlovers.Com archive gallery!


Cavalli's Best

Do any of you remember the immaculate black leather thigh highs with pencil thin stiletto heels designed for last autumn's fashion season by Roberto Cavalli? There were pictures in all the top fashion magazines; Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle! Well, guess what? Boot Lady Teri has got her hands on a brand new pair of these amazing Roberto Cavalli thigh highs and she can't wait to slide her feet into them! If you love classic, skin tight, spike heeled, thin soled leather thigh boots, this issue's Boot-Of-The-Month feature is a must see! *video*

Boot of the Month: Teri models a pair of butter soft black leather Cavalli thigh-high boots, a white and black leather minidress and opera length black leather gloves!

Underfoot Art: Extreme art featuring gigantic, Amazon women trampling and stomping on tiny, helpless men!



Boot Art IX: Underfoot

Back in a past issue of DJ's magazine, BootLover's Digest, he published a letter and gallery of pen 'n ink drawings by an amateur fetish artist who simply referred to himself as Underfoot. Obviously this faux moniker was chosen to coincide with his unusual fantasy drawings of big, booted women pestered by miniature men constantly under, around, and even inside their boots! Does our featured artist this month envision himself as one of these diminutive characters clinging to boots for dear life? Subscribe and see!


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