Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Way back in issue #4 of Bootlovers.Com we brought you a somewhat abbreviated look at this seriously boot-loving professional dominatrix from New York City. Thanks to a recent trip to Manhattan, our very own Boot Lady Teri had the opportunity to visit Ariana's brand spanking new fetish-and-fantasy studio, and acquire a whole new gallery of boot-fetish photos of Ariana along with some exciting video footage. Miss this very special pro dom bootlover feature at your own risk!

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Ms. Veronique


Veronique's Audition

You saw a lot of her in our last issue cavorting poolside or flashing her boots in DJ's hotel suite at the Dressed to Thrill 7 fetish event in Las Vegas! Did you know that beautiful Veronique's Bootlovers.Com feature came about because she sent DJ a series of audition photos last March that nearly made his jaw drop?

It's not usually our habit to feature a fetish femme two issues in a row, however, we just couldn't resist sharing with you the pictures Veronique sent us in hopes of making Bootlovers.Com. Boy, did she impress us!



Every once in a while Boot Lady Teri needs to get out from behind her computer monitor! This month our intrepid Web mistress strikes out for an early morning stroll in the great outdoors in her floor-length, black-leather coat dress and a pair of matching black-leather crotch-highs with four-inch platforms and nine-and-a-half-inch stiletto heels!! *video*



Boots at the Bondage Ball

It's held in Hollywood every three months and it has quickly become Southern California's biggest, boldest and most bizarre fetish event. Not more than a week ago, DJ loaded up his cameras and braved the crowd of kinky people to seek out the best boots that Tinsel Town had to offer on a summer night! Come along with him and see for yourself what the well-dressed fetishists are wearing! *video*


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