Ask D.J.


Ask D.J.

Got a question about some rare or raunchy boots you want to ask of the expert? No problem! This month DJ has some fascinating Q&A for us, and some amazing photos and illustrations to go with it!


Black & Red Leather

Wait until you see Boot Lady Teri in her latest photo shoot! First, she dons a bizarre, back-lacing, black and red leather corset, a pair of leg-long, front-lacing, custom black-leather boots with monster heels, and a seductive pair of shoulder-length, red-kid gloves and she's posing amidst the new dungeon set at the Gwen Media studios. Then she changes into her knee-high, black calf leather tight boots with 6" heels and her new black leather laced unique arm-piece. Ever see Teri with a riding crop in her daintily gloved hand? Well, you will this month if you check out our May issue! *video*

A treat for you! Click here to view a short video preview in Windows Media format! Issue #34 offers video clips in Windows Media and Real Player, in large file sizes for DSL/cable connections and small sizes for dial-up connections - streaming AND zip files for your convenience!


Close Up Gallery - Amateur Boot Pics!



As always, we have a great new bunch of boot fetish photos from our readers! See what everyone's wearing in Sydney, Saratoga and Saskatoon! Bootlovers are everywhere and this is where they get to show off their favorite footwear!


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