The Private Life of a Female Fetishist

Have a question about boots or the fetish scene that you can't answer yourself? Do you have a favorite boot image from a vintage magazine that you want identified? Got a problem with a bootmaker you can't solve? Want to know how old a pair of boots are, where they were made, or how much they're worth? Simple, just ask DJ!


What will it be this month? Teri dresses in her brand new Italian black leather jacket, tight black jeans, black leather gloves, and her brand new, butter soft, custom thigh-high leather boots. The boots are based on a vintage Atomage design and feature a 6" stacked heel and full zips! Watch her show off her new boots for our video camera and insist on plenty of close-up images for her gallery! *video*


Michelle of Afterdark Fashions



No matter how hard we work at bringing you new, exciting photo- and video-illustrated reports about interesting boot people, bootmakers, vintage boots, boot art and more, there is one Bootlovers.Com editorial department that remains eternally popular. It's our Close-up Gallery, where we share the private and personal photos we receive each month via e-mail. Don't miss this issue's batch of new snapshots!


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