Mistress Madeline - Hollywood, CA


This Los Angeles-based European dominatrix is a bootlover's dream! Think of Wonder Woman! Think of Avenger's heroine, Emma Peel! Think of a six-foot, raven-haired beauty in custom-made black-leather boots that rise to her hips!

In this month's issue of Bootlovers.Com we introduce you to Mistress Madeline, show you her boot collection, and take you for a very fetishistic video ride in her Mercedes!


Leather Lady

Scandalous as it may seem, there's more to a fetishist's dreams and fantasies than just boots. There's also leather. Lots and lots of leather!

In this Bootlovers.Com exclusive, DJ reveals a giant photo gallery from the past you absolutely must not miss!

Leather Lady

Bondcon Gallery



Bondcon Las Vegas!

Would you believe that a bunch of people who love tying each other up could also love boots? Well believe it! Besides the ropes, handcuffs, and bit gags at this January's BondCon exhibition in Las Vegas, Teri and DJ found more beautiful fetish-and-bondage models in more kinky boots than they ever would have expected. Want to see them for yourself? Just check our this month's Bootlovers.Com!


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