Explicit Shoes - Los Angeles

This month Teri and DJ take you on a visit to Explicit Shoes, Inc. This small, sexy footwear company is one of the few in North America that still make traditional, full-leather fetish boots with real-leather soles and stiletto heels. Follow along as Teri meets the owner, tours the workrooms and even tries on several of Explicit's designs! *video*


Anita Stocker

DJ first met this amazingly bizarre and fetishistic dominatrix in Zurich 25 years ago, before DDI magazine was born. Not the youngest or prettiest dominatrix in Switzerland at that time, Mistress Anita relied on her unique and extensive fetish wardrobe, and her very genuine personal interest in leather, rubber and tall, kinky boots to lure sexual submissives to her door. In 1977 DJ photographed Anita in much of her fetish finery, including her black-leather corset, shoulder-length kid gloves and thigh-high dominatrix boots, her black-leather suit with lace-up, stiletto-heeled knee boots, her black-vinyl slicker with patent thigh-highs and her amazing purple-leather thigh boots with black-leather trim. Not only are the photos great, but DJ's recollections of Anita are well worth clicking over to this classic look at a fetism domina from the past!



The eBay Bondage Boots

We could have named this feature, "How to Fuck Up a Perfectly Good Pair of Boots," but that would be overstating things. Boot Lady Teri spotted these front-lacing, black-leather thigh-highs on eBay almost a year ago. Hyped as a customized pair of size ten bondage boots, but with no information about the original manufacturer, they mustered very few bids. Teri took a chance, winning the auction in the final moments at a surprisingly low price. Two surprises arrived with the shipping package. First, DJ recognized them as a pair from Ableman Trading Company in Hong Kong. This made them a rarity and well worth the bid price. The second surprise was enough to make Teri and DJ shake their heads in wonder. If you'd like to know what that surprise is, check out this issue's boot of the month!


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