Eden Wells

Well-known bondage diva, Eden Wells, has a secret. It's not that she loves being tied up. Everybody on the Internet who surfs for B&D sites knows she's knot happy. It's no secret she loves extreme corsetry either. Tight-lacing, after all, is just a more fashionable form of restriction. No, Eden's little secret is her intense passion for high heels and very high boots! Check out our shoot with this lovely, kinky lady as she tries on lots of wild boots.
Eden Wells
The Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth's

The Booted Dominas of NYC's Dungeons of
Mistress Elizabeth

Usually, Teri and DJ highlight just one professional dominatrix with a deep and abiding love for her boots in each issue of Bootlovers.Com, but this month we have a bevy of thigh-booted, dominant beauties for you! They all work at the Manhattan B&D studio, The Dungeons of Elizabeth, and they all have fetishistic boot stories to tell of their playroom escapades with slaves! And wait 'til you see the huge photo gallery we have for you!

Readers' Request Special Feature


Do your boots go jingle-jangle-jingle? If they don't, maybe they should! Spurs were invented centuries ago to help prod reluctant ponies, but over the years these spiky, musical forms of heel jewelry have tinkled their way to more esoteric purposes, like putting naughty boot fetishists in their place!
In this issue of Bootlovers.Com DJ haunts up a great photo gallery of spurred boots from his archives and recounts several boot-and-spur stories we know you're going to love. At the same time, Boot Lady Teri dons her six-inch, stiletto-heeled patent thigh-highs, straps on her spurs, gives her rowels a spin and struts for a few exclusive video clips. Giddyup, boys! The show's about to start!



How to Care for Your Boots

Do you wear your boots hard and reckless, then fling them into the closet without giving a thought to their well-being? Before we drum you out of the bootlovers' corps, maybe you should read this month's report on how to lay a little TLC on your thigh-highs. DJ outlines the dos and don'ts of healing your heels, saving your suede and polishing your patent. Learn the best way to store your favorite boots when you're not wearing them, how to straighten a bent speed hook, free up a zipper or prevent insidious boot droop! Don't miss this photo-illustrated fix-it feature if you care about your boots as much as we do!



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