Southern California-based roving fetish paparazzo, Michael Davino, may be an accomplished snapshot artist, but he is first and foremost a bootlover. Combining his two passions, Michael has compiled a mouth-watering exhibition of tempting fetish femmes in delicious boots for our Bootlovers.Com subscribers.

Fancy a beautiful blond in gleaming black thigh-highs? Prefer a busty brunette in bright-red-leather crotch-length boots with spike heels? In this abundant photo gallery there's a Davino boot girl for everyone! Best of all, these ladies aren't prepped and posed and costumed. Each shot is of a tantalizing damsel in her very own boots!



The Pen of E.N. Cuir

Do you love powerful, avenging super heroines who wear flashy outfits that sport shoulder-length gloves, to protect their knuckles when punching out bad guys, and hip-high boots with dangerous spike heels, made just for tromping evil villains? Well, so does artist E. N. Cuir!

In this month's featured boot fiction, we are very pleased to highlight the colorful pen-and-ink images of this very talented fetish illustrator. Don't miss it!





As usual, we have a completely new batch of great photos sent in by our Bootlovers.Com subscribers, or gathered from DJ's never-ending archive of boot shots, taken over the past 25 years. Check them all out!

End of Issue #11 Preview

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