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Ms. Veronique - Bootlovers #36

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Style Extremes
The first acknowledged "kinky" boots were designed in Europe, for women supposedly, around the turn of the century. These included calf- and knee-high varieties lovingly crafted in Sweden, Austria, and Great Britain. They were designed with high button fastenings, or laces, and heels as high and thin as any we have today. One particular pair made in the early 1900s in Vienna are so extreme in their design that the wearer's instep was forced out beyond the downward point of her toes and the 11-inch heels extended past the point of the foot by over two inches! Walking was an impossibility. These boots were built for eroticism, pure and simple.

We have hundreds of sepia-toned photos in our picture archives of women posing in amazing, crotch-high, lace-up leather boots made in the '20s, '30s and '40s. These boots are more like exotic garments than footwear. Some have five- or six-inch stiletto heels that are walkable. Others, like the ballet boot with an attached stiletto heel, which most fetishists believe is a modern design but was actually first made in a calf-high style in 1896, are definitely better suited to "horizontal" pursuits. We know a few of our readers, who have boots that come up so high they deft the human anatomy. Boots logically have to stop at the crotch, but certain imaginative fetishists we know have taken their kinky footwear a step further. Two noted professional dominas from New York have had boots custom-designed to rise high on the outside of their hips, far beyond the anatomical blockade at their pelvis. Other bootlovers we know have chap boots that climb to the waist and belt wwwly in place. Possibly the ultimate affectation of boot fetishism is the boot suit designed by John Sutcliffe of Atomage,in London, back in the late 1960s built from the bottom up, it's a pair of black-leather, spike-heeled boots that don't stop until the unitized garment zips up at the top of the wearer's head! And for vertically challenged bootlovers we've even seen boots with foot-high platforms and 18-inch heels! These extreme boots with all kinds of style and closure details. Some of them pull on. Others zip or lace or buckle up. Plain and patent leather are, of course, the most popular materials for making such boots, but rubber boots, including rubber thigh-high boots with beautiful stiletto heels are available as well.