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Preview Bootlovers #76
Bootlovers #76 is available! You can click here to view the preview images and video, or click here to go directly to our secure Order page!


We're die-hard boot freaks just like you! We love staggering stiletto heels and breath taking designs in tight, polished leather. You won't find the same tired, grainy pictures which have been floating around the 'net on this website! We'll show you all original features, videos, galleries, interviews, and erotic fiction in every issue. We're the same folks who bring you Boot Lovers Digest, Fantasy Fashion Digest, and DDI. We know there are literally thousands of boot fetishists out there, and we think we are on target as to what you want.

We realize that within the immensity of the Internet there are countless opportunities for you to explore your fetishes. Most of you share the same esthetic and sexual attraction for beautiful and exciting boots that we do. Your pulse probably pounds just like ours does when you sight a woman in the "right kind" of boots, doesn't it? Why else would you have typed in our address and be reading this right now? Without trying to appear immodest, we are confident that no other address on the World Wide Web can, or will, offer you as broad and bizarre a spectrum of kinky and outrageous boot fashions, boot news, boot lore, boot stories, boot art and "bootiful" women as what you will find at Bootlovers.Com. If you lust after leathery limbs, this Web site is exactly what you've been waiting for!

Bootlovers.Com is being created for one very simple reason: We want to share with you all of the wonderful photos, personal stories and source information that we've compiled about boots in more than 20 years of fetish publishing. We also have lots of privy information about professional dominas throughout the world with a personal "thing" for their boots. You won't believe the enormous and outrageous collections of knee boots and thigh-highs some of these kinky ladies have!

All this how-to boot information will be unique to the Internet, but we don't intend to stop there. We plan to excite and delight you with a steady diet of the kinkiest, most bizarre, extreme and unusual boots you have every laid eyes on!



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