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Anastasia &  Jewell Marceau - Bad Girls in Boots - Bootlovers  #48


Bootlovers.com Info

* About Bootlovers.com.
* What we offer.
* About our issues.

Tech Info

* Streaming and downloading.
* Contact, billing inquiries, and tech help.

Issue Content

* Which issues are best for...leather gloves, ballet boots, pony boots, latex boots, spurs, vintage boots: 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, boot suits, white boots, boot worship... (more to come). - online this week-end!

Teri Info

* Teri answers your questions!

About Bootlovers.com

Bootlovers.com was originally a shared idea between 'D.J.' (aka David Jackson) and Teri Horne back in 1999. D.J. was the editor and publisher of a couple of rather infamous magazines called Boot Lovers Digest and Fantasy Fashion Digest 'back in the day' (that's code for 'before the internet'). He is currently the grand pooh-bah of DDI Magazine - which is kind of 'what Vogue is to fashion, DDI is to professional dominatrixes'. He also distributes Skin Two Magazine to North American readers. He's been doing this for 20+ years and is considered a living, breathing encyclopedia of kink. This guy was writing fan letters to John Sutcliffe of Atomage when he was still in his teens, and ended up being invited into that underground scene over two decades ago. D.J. is your go-to person for all things fetish, and has a personal collection that would make a museum curator weep with envy.

Teri has nowhere near that pedigree, but she's an award winning site designer, web geek, boot and glove nut, and, well...a blonde female. With lots of catsuits. And a webcam. And lots of boots.

D.J. is not one for computers, whereas Teri would happily implant a harddrive into her brain if the technology was available. Back in 1999, Teri was already disgusted by the lack of quality boot fetish websites, and made it a personal hobby to call D.J. to complain about it because her friends her sick of the subject already. While D.J. did not own a computer, he agreed in principle; and after several late night conversations, a decision was made to 'do something'.

Since D.J. is in California and Teri was in New York City, 'something' took about 18 months to happen. The name took two months of debate in and of itself. The webcam, Ebay updates, and 'individual issue' were Teri's ideas. 'Boot of the Month' and the monthly format were D.J.s.

Both agreed that boot fetishists needed to be treated the way they would want to be treated. No galleries of stolen pics from the newsgroups, no treating boot fetishists as if they were a bunch of drooling porn freaks, willing to shell out their hard earned cash for a few pics of pretty girls in thigh-highs. The site would be female (and couple) friendly, and treat boot fans with respect.

Belle Morte - Bootlovers #44

Mistress Sidonia - Bootlovers #6

What we offer

Number #1 with a bullet: Exclusive content. No more paying to see what you could see for free on the newsgroups and fansites. No 'fake' models (read: women who would never wear boots unless they are paid to do so). The women who pose for our camera are sincerely into boots, and own their own collections. We'll bring along a few pairs in their size for the Ladies to play with, but they would not even be on a radar unless they contacted us first. Sincerity counts above all else to us.

Our content has changed over the years - because of technology, and because of our readers feedback.

About Our Issues

What's unique about Bootlovers.com - seriously, we set a standard that others are still trying to emulate - is that we do not have a typical 'pay-per-month' format. In its place, we offer individual issues. When you purchase an issue (or issues), you choose your username and password and they do not expire. You buy 'em, you own 'em. It's just like buying a magazine from a shop, except it's an online version. As an extra incentive, we offer a 30 day pass - per issue - to Teri's Interactive section. That's the part of the site that includes Teri's webcam and chatroom, the cam galleries, the boot and glove resources, and the discussion board. Some members love this part of the site and buy every issue as soon as it's available so they don't miss a day. Others don't really care. No matter - it's there if you want to enjoy it. Or not.

We do NOT rebill. Ever. We do NOT distribute and/or sell our member list. Ever. We will NEVER send anything to your home. Absolutely privacy and discretion are assured (and expected). You can visit us once and buy a single issue and never come back; or you can become one of our hardcore fans. We will NEVER add you to a mailing list and harrass you to come back. If you decide to return, we're here - it's your choice should you decide to purchase an issue. We won't bug you about it.

Each individual issue contains anywhere from 400 to 600 images - the latter (#20 onward) issues contain more images. We started featuring video clips in Issue #12. Image sizes started at 400 x 600 pixels in our early issues, and now average 700x1000. All issues offer the individual galleries and video files in ZIP files for easy downloading. Issues 1 through 50 offer individual articles. Starting at issue #51, we began consolidating the written content into one thorough article, and increasing the number of images.

While we hated to do it - costs forced us to raise the issue price starting at Issue #51. Issues 1 through 50 are still available at the original price of $14.95, but Issue #51+ are $19.95.

Streaming and Downloading

While we do what we can to make every issue 'work' with every possible browser and monitor setting and connection speed, we kind of expect our viewers to take the technological journey with us to a point.

WebTV users...well, you have to purchase a real computer to really appreciate our site. The video and zip files won't work for you. Sorry.

AOL masochists users...our site will work perfectly well with AOL, but if you're still using AOL's browser, you're only seeing a fraction of the quality that you should see! Try this: minimize your AOL screen, and click on the blue colored icon that looks like an 'e', then type in our url (www.bootlovers.com) - or any other url for that matter. The AOL browser compresses images and makes them pixelated and blurry. You're better than that! Get another browser and enjoy the internet!

Browsers: As long as you've updated your browser sometime after 2003, you should be fine on our site. There's a couple of versions of Netscape that have hiccuped with Teri's webcam - but as long as you've updated the java option, things will be smooth as silk.

Videos: We began offering video clips in the issues from #12 onwards. With the exception of the first couple of issues, all clips are available in Windows Media Player and Real Player - both in streaming options and in zip files. Every issues offers free downloading links to the individual software. If asked, Teri would recommend the Windows Media option, only because the image quality is superior with her editing software.

Mac users: (rolling eyes) Yes, we all know that the plastic thing in front of you makes you somehow superior to the rest of us. The television ads are quite clear on that. The site will work fine for you. And you don't even get viruses. Yet.

ZIP files: ZIP files are like either compressing a bunch of little files into one big file, or just making that one big file easier to download. You need a specific software to 'uncompress' those files back into the individual files though. It's easy, and it's free. WinZip has great reviews - it's what Teri uses - and is an easy download if you click here. Every issue has a link to free ZIP, Windows Media, and Real Player software, on the off-chance that a viewer does not have them loaded on his or her machine already.

Darby - Bootlovers #36

Mistress Alexia - Bootlovers #50


Contact, billing and tech help

If you have any problems or concerns regarding billing, email KKY at support@bootlovers.com. He's our 'go to' guy for that sort of thing. If you accidentally hit the 'Buy' button twice - he'll probably notice and take care of it before you even email, but send him a note just to be sure. We're always on the look-out for double-billing errors. They happen to the best of us!

We bill under the name of 'Diversicor, Inc.' so if you see that on your credit card statement, that's us! We purposely keep it a rather 'generic' name for discretion purposes.

Lock-outs: if you've ever tried entering an incorrect username and/or password several times in a row, or tried repeatedly accessing an issue that you have not purchased - you will find yourself being bounced to somewhere other than bootlovers.com and have a big question mark over your head.

This is an anti-hacking safety measure that we are forced to use - forced because there's a lot of people out there who have nothing better to do than to pull up paysites and hit them repeatedly with password hacking scripts. And when or if they 'hit' a username/password combo - because a surprising number of individuals use incredibly obvious combinations - they print them on the web for everyone to see.

We don't allow this to happen to us, or our members. Our tech guys are on the ball. The lock-out lasts for 12 hours. This means that if you find yourself 'locked out', for whatever reason, all you have to do is send an email to support@bootlovers.com with your username, pass, and the issue # you were trying to access, and they'll tell you what's up.

Should you hate the whole online credit card thing, we do accept payments by mail - just be sure to include the username and password you want, along with the individual issue(s) you are purchasing, and an email address so Teri can let you know you have access! The address is:

Diversicor, Inc.
P.O. Box 9500
Palm Springs, CA 92263
Fax 1-760-363-6030

Chargebacks: Our official statement is "All discrepancies will be dealt with on a case by case basis." That's a nice way of saying we will investigate any and all chargebacks, via the credit card company and our personal know-how. We do not tolerate credit card fraud - whether it's a stolen card or a 14 year old using his dad's Amex without permission - and we will assist the 'authorities' with whatever they need.

We keep this strict policy to protect our members. Everything is maintained at the highest levels of encryption security and discretion. We've been online since 2001 and over 85% of our 'business' consists of retuns customers - we must be doing something right!